Trump Confirms He's 'Not A Feminist,' Entire Internet Says 'No Sh*t'

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

Piers Morgan tweeted the ‘breaking news’ of Trump’s stance on feminism

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, Trump is officially confirming he’s not a feminist — and apparently Piers Morgan has the “scoop.” And, of course, Trump somehow manages to decry feminism while simultaneously making it clear he has no idea what feminism actually means.

Morgan took to Twitter to tease that little tidbit ahead of an interview airing later tonight. While no one is exactly keeling over in shock from this news, the internet reactions are nothing short of hilarious.

“I’m for women, I’m for men, I’m for everyone.” Oh, well congratulations, you sentient mushroom. You just spouted the main tenet of feminism: equality.

Naturally, Twitter had a fucking field day.

Raise your hand if you live for savage dictionary tweets — social media managers are truly doing the Lord’s work here.

Morgan’s initial tweet also led to people roasting him as well, because he’s Piers Morgan.

Trump is a man, who by all accounts — as in, HIS OWN WORDS — has let us all know time and time again exactly who he is.

Maybe Trump and that moron Missouri senate candidate should go out for a restaurant dinner together.

Obviously using an all-caps “BREAKING NEWS” was a bit generous, because to literally anyone and everyone — this isn’t that.

Trump has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen women, let’s not forget. We’ve heard him admit to it ON TAPE.

His words, his actions as President, and even his body language when he’s around women (like bombarding Melania any chance he gets) make it clear he’s not exactly a champion for women. Leave it to Piers Morgan to act like he’s got a Pulitzer prize-winning scoop of the century with Trump’s “I’m not a feminist” admission.

That tweet is just…