Trump Asks Experts If We Could Use Flu Vaccine To Combat COVID-19

Trump Asks If Flu Vaccine Can Help Stop Coronavirus

March 3, 2020 Updated May 6, 2020

Drew Angerer/Getty

Donald Trump again displayed his lack of understanding about coronavirus

President Trump held a roundtable on the coronavirus outbreak, including his task force and several pharmaceutical company CEOs. Despite being told the exact same information last Thursday during a White House briefing, Trump again seemed confused by future vaccination availability, at one point asking if the flu vaccine could be used to combat COVID-19.

The number of coronavirus cases across the nation surged to more than 100 as of today, with six deaths attributed to the outbreak. As the stock market continues to plunge and the Federal Reserve now cutting interest rates by half a percentage point to help stabilize the economy, people are understandably concerned about if, and when, the outbreak will be contained. But Trump doesn’t seem to understand the severity of the situation (nor does Pence who he nominated to oversee the task force), continuing to show the country his lack of grasp on reality.