Trump Tells Women, 'We're Getting Your Husbands Back To Work'

by Valerie Williams
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Trump’s new pitch to suburban women? He can “get our husbands back to work”

In his increasingly desperate spiral as Election Day closes in and the polls continue to not go his way, President Donald Trump has made some pretty bonkers claims. The dude is listing “ending COVID” as one of his accomplishments and continues to spew all manner of falsehoods at his looney rallies with his usual utter disregard for facts. Now, he’s back on a pet topic of his as of late — trying to woo the suburban women voters who are fleeing from him in droves. This time, he’s promising all of us little ladies that he will “get our husbands back to work.”

PHEW. Now to get back to our 1950s housewife lives so our husbands can go off to their jobs with fresh shirts and a lunch packed with love and care. LOL forever.

It was during a rally in Lansing, Michigan yesterday that Trump made his bizarre and frozen-in-time pitch. “Your husbands, they want to get back to work, right? We’re getting your husbands back to work and everybody wants it,” he told the crowd.

He also made the (wrong) claim that he “did great with women” in the 2016 election (women preferred Hillary Clinton 54% to 42%, actually). “And that’s going to happen again. Because women, suburban or otherwise, they want security, they want security, they want safety. They want law and order,” he said, harkening back to his boasting that he rolled back an Obama-era fair housing mandate which was supposed to eliminate housing discrimination and promote the de-segregation of communities.

Aside from the lunacy of Trump promising jobs that don’t seem to exist, there is the hilarity of this clueless dinosaur from 1952 thinking that women aren’t equally concerned about their own jobs coming back. I know it’s kind of beating a dead horse to say that Trump is out of touch with the common man, but for real, was he cryogenically frozen 60 years ago and still convinced that there are women all over the suburbs afraid of Black people and hoping their husbands can get back to work so they can keep ironing? What the fuck.

Of course, the internet was just as baffled by his bullshit as I was.

It’s truly infuriating that he’s blabbering about men getting their jobs back when it’s actually women, particularly moms, taking a huge hit amid the pandemic. A recent report shows that 865,000 women dropped out of the workforce in September alone — compared to only 216,000 men. I don’t need studies and data to tell me that women are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to COVID career adjustments — nearly every working mom I’m friends with has had to alter their work hours, cut back to part time, or quit altogether (assuming they weren’t already laid off) in order to become a homeschool teacher to their kids.

“Though working moms now have some of what they’d wished for a year ago — the ability to work from home, flexible hours, no commute, a less stressful morning routine — it has been replaced with facilitating remote learning, full-time child care, financial concerns, and a strain on their mental health unlike ever before,” wrote Dara Levy, VP of Partnership for The Mom Project, an organization that finds meaningful employment for mothers and caregivers. “This is not remote work. This is working from home under impossible circumstances.”

So while this relic from the mid-century thinks he’s making us ladies breathe a sigh of relief that our husbands can get back to work, he’s actually just handily proving how out-of-touch and unqualified he is to lead the country through its worst crisis in a century. Suburban women aren’t afraid of Black neighbors and we’re just as concerned about our own jobs as we are about our husband’s (assuming we’re even married).

Sit down, Donald. It’s time for someone with a clue to take over.

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