Trump Supporter Caught On Video Calling A Landscaper A 'Rapist' And 'Animal'

by Christina Marfice
Image via Esteban Guzman / Twitter

Who is even surprised, considering Trump uses this exact language?

Another day, another viral video of someone being horrifically racist in Trump’s America. Amid plenty of videos of police being called on black people doing normal, day-to-day activities like barbecuing and napping, today we have a video of a white woman confronting a Mexican landscaper and his mother while they’re trying to do some work.

In the video, which was sent by Esteban Guzman to a friend who posted it on Twitter, the unidentified woman is seen yelling at and harassing Guzman while his mother looks on and films. She can be heard admitting she hates them, “Because you’re Mexicans,” and when Guzman protests by saying they’re honest people just trying to do some work, she responds by laughing and saying, “Yeah… rapists and animals. Drug dealers, rapists and animals.”

She also says she believes all that because Trump said it.

And he did. Are we surprised by this behavior? Because literally the President of the United States has used this. Exact. Language. On the campaign trail, Trump said about Mexican immigrants, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” After he was elected, during a roundtable discussion about immigration, Trump said, “You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals.”

“Rapists.” “Animals.” “Drug dealers.” Straight from the mouth of the president. Is it really so shocking that his supporters are parroting his beliefs? This woman is blatantly, outwardly racist, and she is following the example of the leader of the free world, verbatim.

“Just because the President of the United States says something, it does not give you the right to act like him,” Guzman told the Daily News. If only it were that simple. If only people could see how abhorrent this behavior is. But enough people agree with it to elect a blatantly racist president, so here we are.

After the video went viral, Guzman created a Twitter account of his own, which he used to thank the many people who have supported him.

“I want to thank everyone for your support,” he wrote. “I love all of you. Here is the original video. I stand for those that are too afraid to speak up. Hate/ violence is not the answers. Please help me #EndRacism.”