Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Building - Shots Fired In Chamber

Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Building – Shots Reportedly Fired In Chamber


Pro-Trump mobs storm the Capitol building and fire shots in House chamber

Earlier today, many pro-Trump protestors took to the Capitol to complain that Trump lost the completely fair and legal 2020 election, when a group of especially irate Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, literally pushing past police and guards and actually entering the state building as shots were fired into the House chamber where the Senate had been certifying the electoral votes.

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Some protestors even scaled the walls and climbed onto scaffolding to enter the building.

Protestors in MAGA hats and carrying confederate flags were reportedly demanding to “see Senators” who are currently in the process of certifying the election, though that’s now on pause as Congress members have all been forced to evacuate to an undisclosed location for safety.

Images are surfacing of Trump supporters sitting in offices inside the building.

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The mobs have taken over the House chamber.


Many online are now asking: Where is the National Guard? Where are the rubber bullets the White House was so happy to spray out onto crowds of Black Lives Matter protestors this summer? The attack dogs?

This is a developing story.