Bad Grandpa: Trump Turns Down Offer To Keep White House Playset

by Mike Julianelle
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Trump goes full Bad Grandpa, yanks swingset from White House lawn

Despite the fact that he has multiple young grandchildren and a ten-year-old son of his own, Donald Trump asked President Obama to remove the play-set he had installed on the White House lawn.

It probably doesn’t matter, since Trump will be spending most of his time in New York anyway.

A story on Mic reveals that President Obama, who had the play set installed for his then-young daughters to use when their family took up residence in DC in 2009, offered to leave the set behind for the President-Elect’s use. Trump declined.

The article also reports that Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron, won’t be moving to the White House until he finishes out the school year, and that the play-set has already been removed from the White House grounds, presumably to make room for a large golden statue of The Donald himself.

Most grandparents enjoy indulging their grandchildren – after all, once you’ve survived parenting your own kids, hanging out with your kids’ children is nothing but gravy. There’s none of the responsibility, none of the stress, none of the guilt. You’re free to spoil them all you want and let their parents clean up the mess. Unless you’re secretly broke and don’t have the means with which to spoil them not that I’m insinuating anything about the President-Elect.

In Trump’s defense, there’s an excellent chance he doesn’t know he has any grandchildren, let alone eight, and he definitely doesn’t know how old they are. Children are women’s business. Besides, he’s busy making America hate again. He probably doesn’t even know what a swing-set is!

I imagine young Donald spent most of his youth eschewing childhood things, instead spending it touring the apartments his father erected, learning the family swindle and helping keep out black people and other minorities. In which case it probably bugs Mr. Trump that the Obamas are donating the swing-set to a local organization where some children will get some use out of it.

Maybe I’m being to hard on the President-Elect. What use does he have for a play-set? Despite his teeny-tiny hands, he’s far too big to sit in those swings. Besides, he’s already made it clear that he’s loath to move to D.C. and will be spending a fair amount of his time in New York City, at significant taxpayer expense. Like all great Presidents before him!

If I were him, I’d at least move the slide to Trump Tower, so I could use it to dive down into the great big pile of money I’m only pretending to have.

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