TV Anchor Claps Back At Viewer Who Criticized Her 'Revealing' Wardrobe

by Sarah Hosseini

“Lately your style has become ‘more revealing”

A female news anchor in Milwaukee just had the perfect response to a viewer that complained about her so-called “revealing” clothes, and it was epic.

Earlier this week, Toya Washington, a TV news anchor at WISN 12, posted an anonymous letter she received on Facebook. In part, the letter read, “Lately, your style of dress has become ‘more revealing’ and ‘less professional.’ It continued, “…and there’s no reason to wear what appeared to be a ‘camisole’ … to increase your ratings.”

The viewer continued to criticize Washington and instructed her to learn how to dress professionally from her fellow reporters and anchors at the news station.

“Our main objective when watching the news is to get the news, not to see the amount of ‘exposed skin’ a female anchor is showing.”

“Quite possibly, you might be ‘feeling your age’ as an anchor, and think that ‘less dress is more.'”


Washington laughed it off, as she should. Then she served up a public clap back that was heard across the land.

“This is laughable my friends,” Washington wrote as a caption to the photo of the letter. “As far as ‘feeling my age’…wow. Just. Wow. If ‘feeling my age’ is in reference to still being able to effectively slay at work and at home as a wife and mother, then yes…I feel star-spangled-banner good for ‘my age.'”

You hear that, mean-spirited viewer with too much time on their hands? This woman doesn’t have time for your bullshit? Mkay? She’s too busy slaying as a professional, wife, and mother.

Washington continued, “For the record and ‘for my age,’ I haven’t been this fit and in shape since high school. Which apparently was forever ago…”

The best part of this, which Washington glaringly points out, is that the letter was sent anonymously.

It seems some people in this society are confused about a very basic concept regarding women’s attire, so perhaps it’s time talk about this.

Pop quiz: What should women wear? (there’s only one right answer)

Oh wait, we have it: Whatever THE HELL they want.

And what should women over a “certain age” wear?

Whatever THE HELL they want.

I used to work in TV news and I can tell you that unfortunately what this anchor experienced is not unique. An anchor I worked with got criticized from a viewer for embracing her natural curly hair, rather than continuing to have it relaxed. Another anchor got criticized for showing her arms in a dress. Her arms.

Thankfully, Washington seems unfazed by the ridiculous comments. She even plans on doing something special with that so-called offending outfit.

“I’ll continue to ‘keep up the good work’ regardless of your opinions. And no, I won’t be changing my style, Washington writes. “Now I need to remember what I wore on 2/24…so I can wear it again.”