Thread About Vaginas Goes Viral

This Viral Thread Gives Vaginas The Attention They Deserve

June 23, 2018 Updated June 17, 2019

vagina thread copy
Image via Twitter/Alison Pool

This tweet tells you all you need to know about vaginas

Ahhhh, the vagina. It’s the end-all-be-all, mysterious-but-not-overly-complicated body part that has been the subject of much pomp and circumstance for most of history. Many well-intentioned people feel the need to steam, perfume, or spend an inordinate time dilly-dallying around with their vaginas to the detriment of their own well being. But one woman decided to set the record straight on what should, and absolutely should not, come near our muffulettas.

Twitter user Alison Pool was adamant about getting the facts (only the facts, ma’am) out into the public about our pubis. She titled the tweet, “VAGINA THREAD,” and it is quickly becoming the stuff of legends.