Twitter Thread Explains Why People Feel Sorry For 'Netflix Era' Kids

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Twitter/Felicity

There was no ‘Pause it’ back in the day — “Netflix Era” kids won’t ever get it

Every generation thinks they had it worse than the former. We all believe we were worse off, and that those who came after us are just whining endlessly over things we could’ve never dreamed of having “back in the day.”

But, when we’re not complaining about how hard we had it, we’re waxing lyrical about how much better we turned out because of all the hardships — you know, like our phone being attached to the wall, having to “rewind” our VHS cassettes by hand when they got stuck in the VCR, and of course making sure to catch your favorite show live or forever being left out of all related inside jokes the next day at school.

That’s why when Twitter user @FlossAus sent out her random thought into the inter-web over the weekend, a whole lot of people had their own opinions to share, and the results are comedy gold.

“I feel sorry for Netflix era kids,” she wrote. “They will never know the high stakes adrenaline of running to the bathroom/fridge/bedroom in a single ad break, with the beckoning call of a sibling screaming ‘It’s ONNNNNN’ to send you hurdling over furniture to get back in time.”

It’s doubtful Felicity, a self-described professional “social media + digital girl @Penguin Teen” had any idea the sort of life her tweet would take on. But it seems many remember what life was like B.N. (Before Netflix):

It’s so true. I remember the Friday night line-up as a kid, watching “Dukes of Hazzard” followed immediately by “Dallas.” You couldn’t miss a week because, even with the beginning “Last week….on Dallas,” it still left too many plot holes to feel like you were caught up. I know the dog isn’t going to feed himself but goddammit if I’m going to miss this part.

And obviously, every single episode of “Three’s Company” was the same double entendre about sexual misunderstandings between Jack and Chrissy but Mr. Roper probably had a slightly different reaction face this week and now I missed it and my entire week is ruined.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the sheer joy that Netflix brings to all of our lives but that’s because we all know how bad we had it before. I mean, pausing live TV in order to have a detailed conversation with your best friend about exactly how that scene fits into the overall plot sequence?! What sort of Jedi mind trick TV exec thought of that one for the first time?

Of course, our kids will never know the hardships of our youth but I think I speak for everyone when I say, please, please don’t let us ever go back to the Stone Ages.

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