20 Tweets Moms Of Boys Will Relate To

by Joanna McClanahan
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Having a son is an incredible blessing, and other boy moms understand this. There’s an unspoken bond we all have with one another; it evolves out of the joyful exhaustion we all share.

Boys are endless sources of energy. They run, jump, climb, wrestle, dive, swim, and roll. They rarely sit still, and it’s our job to keep them safe in spite of themselves.

Being a boy mom means someone might mistake your toddler for a feral child. This is totally normal. My suggestion is just go with it and blame it on the pack of wolves that raised him.

Having a son means they can look at you a certain way and melt your entire heart. They’ll make you understand unconditional love, and you’ll feel compelled to raise a good man.

Being a boy mom means cars, and trains, and endless chases. It means terrible aim. It means cuddling and showing emotions and teaching that feminism is for men, too.

It means a lot of things, as the funny parents of Twitter understand.

Different priorities, for example:

And determination:

A LOT of determination:

It means being prepared to get called into battle at any moment:

And potty training for the remainder of the foreseeable future:

Raising boys means dealing with lots of honesty:

Sometimes selectively:

They have many talents:

And insatiable appetites:

They’re creative:

And sometimes they’re the smartest:

Sometimes they’re a little too smart:

And yet, sometimes:

And also that one other time:

Sometimes they’re kinda gross:

Boys can hold a grudge like no other:

But no two boys are exactly the same:

They all like whatever they like:

But some life lessons are universal:

Especially when it comes to how to treat their mom:

Yes, being a boy mom means that everyone at Urgent Care probably knows you by name. Yes, it means that things in your house will inevitably be destroyed. But it also means getting to have a special bond with a little boy who thinks you’re the center of his world, and that makes everything else completely worth it.

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