Tweets That Are Just Purr-fect For Anyone Who Loves Cats

by Rita Templeton
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SilviaJansen/Getty; @danielleashh/Twitter

Ailurophile eye-LOOR-uh-fyle (noun): a cat fancier; a lover of cats. If you fit this definition, you’re part of an elite group we call “cat people.” And any self-respecting cat person will read these tweets and say, “THIS IS MY LIFE.”

You may not have large groups of friends (human friends, anyway) or a jam-packed social calendar …

… and they’re missing out, because cat people are awesome.

But you’re not mad about it, because you have something better than all that. CATSSSSSSSS.

And if you have cats, and love cats, you probably relate a little too hard to the following tweet:

But it doesn’t matter, because that next-level kitty cuteness is enough to make you literally swoon.

It even makes them worth cleaning up after … every damn day, or else.

Cat people know that you can’t deny the absolute truth of this Venn diagram realness:

But despite their antics, you don’t know who you even are without your cats around.

Other people might not understand the ways you bond with your fave felines …

They might even use words like “over the top” and “obsessed” to describe your love of cats.

And okay, maybe even the word “weird.”

But you don’t care about anybody’s opinion. Except your cat’s, of course.

Even if your cat-fancying ways spill over into other areas of your life, you just brush the haters away.

Because you know that cats are good for the self esteem.

And anyway, your true friends know where your priorities lie. (Usually in a patch of sun, or on your keyboard while you’re trying to type.)

PRIORITIES, people. Cats > everything.

Which is why nobody is ever surprised when you drop an announcement like this:

Or make (excessive) social media posts like these. I mean, if you don’t spam everyone with cat photos, are you really even a cat person?

At least you can represent on social media … on behalf of all the cat people before you who didn’t have that opportunity.

You might be perpetually peppered with cat fur, and get a little (or a lot) of side-eye from people who just don’t get it. But rest assured, there are plenty of us who do … on Twitter, anyway, where you can find your fellow cat people without getting up.

Because all cat people know you don’t get up when there’s a kitty on your lap.

Cat people, unite. When you’re allowed to get out of your seat, that is.

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