20 Tweets About Co-Sleeping That Are A Little Too Real

by Joanna McClanahan
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Twitter / @scarymommy

There are a lot of reasons that parents choose to co-sleep or bed share, but I think the main one is convenience. It’s easier to nurse a child without having to get out of bed. It’s easier to sleep next to kids than having to put them back in their own bed approximately 424,642 times.

But that doesn’t mean that parents who co-sleep necessarily love it, either. Sure, it’s sweet to watch your kids fall asleep and see their little angelic faces. And they’re only little and willing to be cuddled for a short window of time. But there is very little actual sleeping involved in co-sleeping, because it usually looks a little like this:

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But at least the funny parents of Twitter understand our love/hate relationship with co-sleeping.

Also known as “Being too tired to object to co-sleeping” or “Reluctant co-sleeping“:

And the kids know that we’re tired and weak:

Because parenting is the most exhausting job on the planet:

And we all justify it to ourselves at first, but getting them out of your bed is tougher than it looks:

And it’s almost impossible to sleep when you don’t have any personal space:

But your kids somehow have more than plenty:

It’s also tough to sleep when your small child somehow snores louder than your husband:

Or when you physically get pushed off in the middle of the night:

Sometimes you have to sneak to the couch for your own mental health:

And it’s not like co-sleeping makes it easier to get them to fall asleep:

In fact, they like to think it’s kind of like a big party before bedtime:

And they definitely wake up before dawn:

So much so that you change your definition of “sleeping in”:

They have almost given you an actual heart attack more than once:

And you definitely have to be careful about rolling over in the morning:

Although it all feels strangely worth it:

Until it isn’t:

But we persevere… and try to rest when we can:

Because moms are fucking superheroes:

Co-sleeping might not include a whole lot of actual sleep, but it’s only temporary, so get those snuggles in while you can. And invest in a shit-ton of caffeine.

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