13 Tweets You'll Deeply Relate To If You Hate Wearing A Bra

by Valerie Williams
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If you can’t stand wearing a bra, these are the tweets for you

From the time we’re in middle school, bras are simply a part of life. An often uncomfortable, annoying, sweaty, unflattering, restrictive part of life. As you get older, bras take on new forms and meanings — bras for nursing your kid, sports bras, super-duper support bras for pregnancy, sexy bras, grandma bras — so many freaking bras, but at the end of the day, they all just kinda suck.

That’s why anyone who hates wearing a damn bra will seriously relate to these tweets. And if you love your bras? By all means, tell us your brand — also, stop lying.

First of all, they cost like, a ton.

And it bears repeating that they can be horribly uncomfortable.

Aside from that, if your fun bags aren’t exactly fun-sized, the options are mostly terrible and ugly.

It’s also annoying how only women are expected by society to rein in their ta-tas.

As if regular bras aren’t annoying enough, try a sports bra. They’re super fun.

Naturally, those times you try to avoid strapping in the girls, you’ll inevitably regret it.

Um, also, why is washing bras the absolute worst and most inconvenient thing ever? Oh, I know — because it’s so hard finding one you don’t hate that you can’t bear to go even one wash cycle without it.

If you can manage to get away with not wearing one, it’s pretty much the best.

And any woman who claims she doesn’t doff her bra the moment her ass gets home is probably a liar — or a wizard?

Because bra removal is the literal first priority, each and every day.

However, the misery of bras is mitigated somewhat by finding them super cheap.

But if you’re got one on that feels too snug? The instinct to run for the hills is REAL.

Basically, a world without bras sounds like a dream come true. Maybe 2019 is the year we make it happen. LOL, just kidding — I would hit myself in the face the first time I attempted a light jog.

But a girl can dream.

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