22 Tweets You’ll Love If You're Obsessed With Your Phone

by Joanna McClanahan
Twitter / @shariv67

Our phones can feel like an extension of ourselves. They have become permanent appendages, not only because we rarely put them down, but because we depend on them for so much now.

Text, email, memes, games, music, GIFs, GPS, every social media app known to man… it’s all available at our fingertips. We love having instant access to what is happening in the world.

And most of our friends and family are on social media. We love being able to socialize from the comfort of our living rooms, and we really love not having to put on a bra.

So our families might complain that we’re obsessed with our phones, but we know that it’s just our way of feeling connected to the rest of the world, without having to make eye contact. And luckily there are lots of people on Twitter who love their phones as much as we do.

We love instant gratification and have zero patience for waiting:

But mostly we really hate being bored:

We’re so used to having our phones that we’ve forgotten how to function without them:

So we rarely put them down:

Or forget our chargers:

But we take breaks from them when we absolutely need to:

Because it’s important to have our priorities straight:

People who love their phones love their social media, too:

And we each have our favorite:

And we all know some trolls:

We love our notifications, maybe a little too much:

Sometimes our significant others get jealous of our phones:

And it can be hard to try to find a good balance:

And we put limits on our kids’ screen time, but not our own:

And sometimes we even make plans around our phones:

We literally panic when our phones are about to die:

And we will do whatever we can to keep that from happening:

Seriously, anything:

But there are some parts of phone-free life that we miss:

It’s tough to find an excuse not to respond these days:

And we secretly wish they’d just cut us off sometimes:

But I will never apologize for the selfies:

It’s a blessing and a curse to have this amount of tech available to us. It’s important to find a balance and look up and enjoy the real world sometimes. But you’ll never take my phone until you pry it from my cold, dead, badly carpal-tunneled hands.