10 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Life In Quarantine With Kids

10 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Life In Quarantine With Kids

Aye_Papie/Twitter and PeopleImages/Getty

Schools around the country have closed to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Which means the kids are home. And parents are suddenly thrust into the role of teacher–often while also trying to work from home.

Staying home is essential to flattening the curve, to spreading out the number of people who need medical assistance in order to give our frontline warriors–the doctors, nurses, and medical personnel fighting tirelessly to save lives–time. Time could make all the difference in this fight against this virus that has touched so many already, and the least we can do is stay home to give them that very precious resource.

But…after more than a week of being quarantined with my children, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that it can drive you bonkers. And that’s on a good day. Being quarantined with kids is an experience worth tweeting about, as the parents of Twitter prove with these truly insightful tweets about quarantine life with kids.

Schedules abounded on social media those first few days of quarantine life. In my house, we wrote out a schedule with rules. As it turns out, the first rule of being quarantined with kids is…there are no rules. It’s survival mode. Screen time and snacks alllllll day. (We’ve since switched to the below schedule.)

Because here’s the truth: the struggle is real, and pretty universal.

Not only are we quarantined with kids, some parents are suddenly thrust into the role of homeschool teacher. And it’s fine. It’s totally and completely absolutely fine.

Luckily, trusty Alexa is always there to lend a hand. Or at least give the kids another name to say besides “mom” all day long.