Twelve Month Old Baby

Your Twelve Month Old Baby

Congratulations, Mama! You’re almost out of the days babyhood and officially into toddlerhood; put your seatbelt on! Things are about to get real.

Your Twelve Month Old Baby

Your baby’s language has likely exploded and one word he’s particularly fond of? The word NO. Your stubborn little one is testing your boundaries, patience and sanity these days. Temper tantrums may be begin now, too, leaving you longing for the days before he knew how to express himself.

Along with the new temper, your baby is probably also testing boundaries by exploring new areas of the house, using anything and everything to climb up and access places that were formerly off limits. You may have thought putting your breakables up on a table was an ingenious solution, but it will only be a matter of time before your kid is up there and playing smash the glass with them. If you value anything in your house, put them away for the time being. And before you ask, no, moms are not allowed to have nice things (this will be a recurring theme in your life from now on).

Got a pacifier addict on your hands? Now is a good time to start weaning your baby off because the longer you wait, the harder it’s going to get. REALLY.

Some babies are particularly attached to Mommy at this point, and if that’s your case, just try to enjoy it. It will only be a matter of time before your baby is ignoring your presence and asking to be dropped off far away from school to avoid being seen with you. Moms don’t stay the center of our kids lives for long. While it may feel soul crushingly overwhelming now, in a few years you’ll be looking back, longing for this phase.

Your baby may be ready to ditch the morning nap now, but hold your tears; it it also means the afternoon nap is about to get longer. And, as we all know, long naps equal very happy mommies.

Scary Mommy tip: You should totally get a trophy for surviving the whole first year, and you may feel like a huge gala event is in order to mark this achievement. But, let’s be honest, your baby’s first birthday is more for you than your baby, so no need to go crazy with an over the top party for a guest of honor who doesn’t have any idea what day it is. As for presents, how about simply replacing the batteries in all of those toys that need them? Your baby will be ecstatic.

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