Night Cam Catches Twin Toddlers Living Their Best Life

by Valerie Williams
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These little guys are having a total blast, but we feel for their parents

A time-lapse video of twin toddlers in their nursery doing everything but sleep has gone viral, because it’s not only adorable, it’s freaking hilarious. The mischief caused by the dynamic duo might shock and frighten a non-parent, but those of us with kids aren’t exactly surprised.

Because, toddlers.

Two-year-old twins Andrew and Ryan Balkin share a bedroom and also, a penchant for performing gymnastic feats in the middle of the night, if this video of their antics is any indication. Their dad Jonathan shared it on Facebook last week and it’s since gathered over 10 million views.

Balkin’s caption reads, “When the parents are away the cubs will play… even if it comes at the expense of sleep.” He then assigns the “blessed” feeling to the post and tags his probably-exhausted wife.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but first, some facts. Balkin tells NBC4 that his sons have been carrying out their nighttime shenanigans for the last three months or so, and as a result, he and wife Susana have “slowly removed everything and bolted the furniture to the walls.”

And like any parents desperate for sleep, they did try to change things up by testing out beds, but the boys were “nonstop all night” and had to revert back to life behind bars.

Now that all the judge-y concerns are out of the way, (yes, the boys are safe; no, beds didn’t work) we can talk about this video. Because, oh my god.

The entire video is set to circus music, and it couldn’t possibly be more appropriate.

The first prison break is arguably the cutest ending in both boys sitting together on their little couch, probably chatting about their upcoming diabolical plans designed to break their parents’ spirits.

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After that little rest period, it’s time for mayhem in the form of a pile of pillows to cushion their somersaults and jumps.

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Once their acrobatic routine catches dad’s attention, the naughty little dudes are placed back in their cribs. But not for long.

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Wash, rinse repeat. Only this time, the nest of cushions migrates from beside the crib…

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…to their bedroom door.

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A brief interlude of ridiculous adorableness ensues before dad comes back.

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And this time, he’s brought reinforcements.

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Mom tidies up, which is obviously futile, but we all know how that goes. You have to at least try.

Jonathan and Susana retreat and the boys have one last couch chat, probably going over their triumphs and failures in order to perfect the routine for the next night.

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And finally, peace and quiet. Well, for now, at least.

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