Twin Toddlers Recreate A Scene From Frozen And You Will Die From The Cute

by Meredith Bland

Two-year-old girls become Anna and Elsa

You might not know this, but every baby video ever created has been engaged in a fierce competition to be the cutest one we have ever seen. Well, we some bad news for “babies laughing at tearing paper” and “babies afraid of sneezes,” and their names are Maddie and Scarlett.

A few days ago, the girl’s mom Colleen Jordan, posted a video on Facebook that she captioned, “Acting out their favorite scene from Frozen.” As of this writing, that video has now been viewed 8.6 million times.

We don’t know where these kids went to acting school, but they don’t just pretend to be Anna and Elsa having a snowball fight, they are Anna and Elsa having a snowball fight. It’s like you’re there, people.

These wee babies, who are unable to speak in complete sentences, mimic every part of the scene where Anna wakes up Elsa to play. Our Anna (in the green onesie) tries and tries to wake up Elsa (in the white onesie). She pushes on her, lays on her, and throws her arms out to her sides at the exact same time the character does on screen. The two girls then hold hands and run around the room to get to the “ballroom” where White Onesie Elsa conjures up snow and ice for Green Onesie Anna. Then they raise their arms, cheer, and dance around in celebration. We briefly passed out from all the adorable but were revived in time to see Green Onesie Anna pretend to jump from snow pile to snow pile until White Onesie Elsa screams for her to watch out, or, rather, “Watoooooow!”

Green Onesie Anna dramatically yet carefully lowers herself to the floor, having been struck in the heart with ice. White Onesie Elsa sits on her back and cuddles her, aaaaaaaaaaand scene.

It. Is. Too. Much. For. Anyone. And. We. Can’t. Handle. It.

(h/t Babble)