An Open Letter To Queen Bey From A Fellow Twin Mom

by Felissa Allard
beyonce twins
Image via Instagram

Hey Bey,

I can call you Bey, right? I mean, I’m a twin mom and you’re expecting twins, so we’re practically BFFs. And I know you pretty much run the world, but before you go off celebrating the Grammys or headlining at Coachella, there are some things for you to know about being pregnant with twins. From one BFF to another, of course. And let the BeyHive know, this comes from a place of pure love.

1. Forget everything you know about being pregnant.

Sure, we all know you had the super adorable Blue Ivy a few years back, but a twin pregnancy is a whole new world for you. You show earlier, get bigger faster, and it feels like you have an octopus living inside you. You’ll lose count of hands, feet, elbows, and knees kicking you at all times. And by the end of 40 weeks, there is no comfortable position — at all.

2. Get ready for invasive questions and comments.

As a celebrity, you’re probably pretty used to this, right? But when people start asking if your beybies are natural, it takes it to another level. What is natural anyway? Unless you grew your beybies in a cabbage patch, pretty sure your little ones are natural. But no matter how you got pregnant, it’s no one’s business but you and Jay. Remember that.

3. People will have loads of advice.

From what kind of stroller to buy to getting them on the same sleep schedule, even people without twins suddenly become experts. But what’s right for them may not be right for you. Do things your own Beyway. As a twin mom with lots of twin mom friends, I can tell you, we all had our own ways, and our kids are all doing just fine.

4. It’s a lot more than twice as much work.

Remember how you could just throw Blue Ivy in a beyby carrier and head out the door? Yeah, those days are over. With twins, you need a lot more supplies, patience, and time. It’s almost impossible for us mere mortals to make it out the door with twins in less than 30 minutes, but maybe you’ll have better luck (and help).

5. You will feel guilt.

Sure, all moms feel guilt, but twin moms feel a different kind of guilt. Between feedings, changings, naps, etc., you don’t have as much time for the cooing and cuddling that you probably had with Blue Ivy. So with twins it’s always a good idea to call in the troops, like Mama Knowles and Auntie Solange. And I know this may sound incredible for a superwoman like you, but there are times you may not feel good enough. Just ignore those feelings.

6. You’ll have new worries.

With any baby, we moms have enough to worry about, but with twins, you’ll develop some new anxieties. Will the world see them as individuals? Will they be über-competitive with one another? Will they be independent enough? Will they make their own friends and not just rely on each other?

7. There is nothing better in the entire world.

Sure, there’s the lack of sleep, the constant bouncing around between one twin to the other, and figuring out how to feed or change both at the same time, but there is nothing more incredible than having twins. My twin mama friends and I all agree: We wouldn’t do anything different. Seeing the love, friendship, and camaraderie between our twins is a bond unlike any other. You’ll get great joy just watching your twins interact and do their own thing. And of course, Blue Ivy will get two new little BFFs for the price of one.

So, welcome to a very exclusive club, Bey. We know you’ll rock it and probably teach us all a trick or two along the way. Get ready for the ride of your life, and call me (anytime, really) if you need some support.