Twins Go Viral For Their Reaction To Hearing Phil Collins For The First Time

by Madison Vanderberg
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eens Listen To Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight' For The First Time And Have The Best Reaction Ever

We can’t stop watching these twin brothers listen to Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ for the first time

The youths will save the world. Two 21-year-old twin brothers, Tim and Fred Williams, from Gary, Indiana have a YouTube channel called “TwinsTheNewTrend” where they typically review and react to new rap albums. But at a certain point, the brothers were like, “What if we listened to old songs, too?” Since, they’ve “discovered” artists such as Queen, Pavarotti, and Prince. But it wasn’t until a month ago that the twins went viral for their reaction to “Jolene” by one Miss Dolly Parton. Now, they’re trending on Twitter again, thanks to Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.”

“Y’all sleeping on Phil Collins, look him up,” they excitedly tell their young followers.

“I’ve never seen somebody drop a beat three minutes into a song.” Believe me, Williams twins, the world felt the same way in the ’80s.

The boys’ honest and exuberant reaction to hearing these iconic songs for the first time is what finally put them on YouTube’s radar, and now the boys have made a name for themselves listing to “old” music they’ve never heard before.

When the guys listened to “Jolene” for the first time, they called the track “a banger” and said they appreciated the story-telling. “That was a banger. By the first note, that was a banger. It was on. Don’t take her man… I didn’t expect that,” they effused after listening to the song.

They were also pleasantly surprised to find out they loved “Rainy Days And Mondays” by The Carpenters. “This is the kind of music you listen to at a barbecue,” Tim said of the song.

“Where we live, everybody listens to rap, but I wanted to expand my variety and listen to different things,” the brothers told Good Day New York. Tim also told People magazine, “We wanted to start a new trend to appreciate old music. We’re open to all genres. We also want to bring people together because there’s no color to music.”

We also loved the pure innocence of Tim listening to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the first time and confidently telling his audience, “Oh, this is the best of Queen’s songs.” Somebody needs to introduce these brothers to Wayne’s World; they’re going to lose their minds.

If you want to experience true joy for the next 45 minutes or so, spend some time browsing their YouTube channel. You’re welcome.

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