Twitter Account Hilariously Schools Us On 'Correct' Names For Things

by Mike Julianelle
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How are we not already calling them this?

Some things are so obvious, you’re amazed you didn’t think of it first. The new names that the hilarious Twitter account “Correct Names” has come up with for old things is chock full of them.

Take a seat on your human shelf and come on a journey with me.

Correct Names is exactly what it sounds like: a list of names for things that have different names but shouldn’t, because these new names are obviously the correct ones.

You’re skeptical, I know. Don’t be.


Still not convinced?

I mean:

Twitter is a sucker for simplicity, absurdity, and animals, and Correct Names delivers all three in droves. The account has amassed almost 40,000 followers in a short period of time because of gems like this:

And these:

There is a simple genius to these new names. It’s almost like a child is observing the world and hilariously rechristening things from a completely innocent perspective.

Of course, not all of them are innocent…

But most are!

Take a quick scroll through the account’s tweets and it won’t be long before you’re incorporating these clever new names into your vocabulary.

At the very least, they’re definitely more fun than the old names.

If you’re a parent, the tactics used by this account may be a little familiar. When you have young kids, you’re always encountering new names for things, either because children tend to use their imagination, and lack of experience, to identify things in their own quirky, guileless ways…

Sometimes such names can simply be a fun way to talk about stuff!

Other times, you might be forced to find innocuous code names for things so as not to corrupt your children’s virgin ears…

And if your kids aren’t around? Sometimes coming up with obvious new names for old things can just be fun.

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