Twitter Thread Hilariously Proves Everyone Has A High School 'Loser' Story

by Jerriann Sullivan
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High school loser stories will make you laugh and cry

While most people feel like they had a tough time in high school, it isn’t until we’re older that we realize everyone felt that way at some point. Twitter users shared their high school “loser” stories in an amazing thread and they serve as a great reminder that we’re not alone in our lameness.

The viral thread was started when Buzzfeed’s Deputy Director of Breaking News David Mack tweeted about his own high school experience.

“How big a loser was I in high school? I didn’t get chosen to be on the school newspaper committee, but I just turned up every week anyway and eventually, after several months, the teacher felt sorry for me and put me on staff,” he shared.

As a former high school newspaper reporter and editor who went on to work for newspapers, this story is less embarrassing to me and more of an explanation as to how Mack became a journalist. But his question resonated with a lot of people. And he shared some other hilarious “loser” moments from his time in school.

This one reminded me of all the times I cried at school, and man was there a lot of those. There was the time I played Mary in the school play, and my veil fell over my face during a speaking part. The whole school laughed, so I sobbed uncontrollably.

Mack asked others to add their own high school loser moments too.

And boy, did they.

Damn, moms can be so brutal.

Can we still call it winning if no one else enters? It definitely isn’t losing.

A budding relationship with science is called excelling at STEM nowadays.

My parents did this to me in middle school, high school, and even at my first job.

Like, yeah, exercise is good for us, but PE was the class we all tried to avoid. It was a minefield of embarrassing moments.

Really, the stories from gym class are endless.

Talk about a fun way to stay hydrated.

Thanks for nothing, dad.

This is adorably nerdy.

Mom, FTW.

Hey, now, librarians make excellent friends. We bet Mike never had trouble finding the right reference book.

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