Viral Thread Proves Sometimes The 'Non-Romantic' Things Matter Most

by Cassandra Stone
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Viral thread reminds us sometimes in love, it’s the little (and often silly) things that matter most

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, sweeping, romantic gestures often give way to normal, everyday moments that are otherwise unremarkable to anyone but you and your partner. Which is why this viral thread asking people to share the “non-romantic” things their partners do for them has produced some adorable, hilarious responses.

And they’re all relatable AF.

Twitter user Hattie Gladwell asked users to share one thing their partners do for them that’s not typically considered “romantic” but makes you love them even more just the same.

And boy, did this thread not disappoint. If you’ve spent a significant portion of your adult life in a relationship with someone you love — these responses will have you nodding, laughing, and maybe even tearing up.

As a writer myself, I feel this on a spiritual level. My husband most certainly doesn’t read even 1/4 of the things I write but when he does, and he offers his support or compliments, it gives me the tinglies. Not even gonna lie about it.

This one made me LOL. Several times.

HAHAHAHA. There’s not a woman alive who hasn’t done this. Repeatedly.

OK, that is some serious consideration and please, partners everywhere take note. A gradual wake-up is like, one of the kindest things you can do for someone you love.

Mamma mia, who doesn’t need a little ABBA in their life when things are sour?

Some of the responses, while generally “un-romantic” in the traditional sense, were so sweet and considerate you’ll feel your heart physically respond.

Let’s just take a minute here and give it up for all the partners out there who refuse to succumb to Netflix cheating even when it’s super convenient and easy to do.

And of course, sometimes the truest partnership is the one you have with yourself, as this woman fantastically reminds us:

My husband makes me memes and coffee daily, which is definitely something I appreciate. But not as much as the fact that he’s always the one willing to call and order food because he knows I detest speaking on the phone — that alone is worth the marriage certificate right there.

Cheers to all the partners, romantic and not, who know sometimes it’s the little things — like shaving our legs when we’re pregnant and sending us dog pics — that matter most.

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