Twitter Thread Proves Phone Anxiety Is REAL

by Cassandra Stone
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Everyone on Twitter agrees: making phone calls is the worst

Sometimes there are things online that have the ability to bring everyone together, no matter where we’re from, what we do, or who we are. Today, that thing is anxiety. Specifically the anxiety that prefaces that one specific thing we all hate: making a phone call.

Sure, it sounds harmless. “Yes, I can call you. On the telephone. And speak actual words, verbally, with my actual voice,” we think when someone asks us to give them a call. Or when a given situation requires a phone call. It shouldn’t be a big deal. Heck, twenty years ago that’s all there was — phone calls. On house phones, even. Ones with chords!

But now, we’re so used to the convenience of texting and even emailing, that using our voices to speak with another human being is now one of the most daunting tasks imaginable for many people. Twitter user Roly totally gets us, because they are one of us.


And because tweeting something is so much more preferable than actual conversation, people came out in droves to share their own tales of Telephone Anxiety.

UGH work calls with acquaintances, colleagues or potential new employers are the worst. Because you’re trying so hard not to sound awkward and to effectively respond in a manner that makes actual sense.

^Yup. This is my go-to in these instances.

Damn. Every day of work is basically like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for poor Scott.

Praise be for online ordering when it comes to takeout.

It may sound silly to older generations, or even to anyone without anxiety. But I also don’t know a more universally dreaded activity than placing a telephone call — especially to people you’re not super comfortable with or know very well.

The Stages Of A Phone Call, In GIFs:

1. “Okay, it’s time to make that call.”

2. “Lemme find that number. Am I dialing this right? My hands are shaking.”

3. “It’s ringing. Oh God, here we go. How long do I let it ring for? Can I just hangup after, like, three rings?”

3. “What did you say? No, you go ahead. Sorry.” *Nervous laughter on repeat for all eternity*


If you’re wondering how it all turned out for Roly, they eventually did make the call.

Bravo, soldier. Bravo.

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