The Dirty Dancing Remake Was A Disaster But The Twitter Reactions Are Perfection

by Maria Guido
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The Dirty Dancing remake was an epic disaster, and Twitter will not let it go

The original Dirty Dancing should never have been messed with, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20. Last night’s Dirty Dancing remake that aired on ABC was an epic disaster.

Sometimes bad can be good: like in the case of Sharknado or Showgirls. These movies were enjoyable disasters. The Dirty Dancing remake was not. First of all, it was confusing as hell. It starts off in NYC in 1976, with Baby (Abigail Breslin) attending a musical called Dirty Dancing. The title used the original 1987 movie’s font — so what kind of parallel universe time snafu is happening here? We eventually end up at the resort after a strange car ride. I’m just going to stop the retelling here.

There’s no way to put your finger on the “thing” that made the original so magical. It just was. And you can’t recreate it, which we painfully learned last night. It would be like trying to remake The Outsiders. Oh, they did? Well no one knows about it because it probably sucked. Back to this Dirty Dancing monstrosity.

The short review? The dancing sucked and there was no chemistry. Here’s a little snippet so you can see for yourself.

Yikes, right?

“Wayne Blair and Jessica Sharzer’s remake attempts to be all things to all people, and ends up being nothing to anybody,” writes Rolling Stone‘s Jenna Scherer. Well, it’s something. It birthed some of the funniest reaction tweets you’ve probably seen in a while.

Um, yeah. That side-by-side is this remake in a nutshell. Just, no.

Nope. He did not.

No way is this Jennifer Grey-approved.

No words, Patrick. No words.

LOL. Ouch.

Really? No one caught this?


These reaction tweets are officially the best part of this whole remake.

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