Twitter Is Reacting To Joe Biden Winning The Election

by Valerie Williams

Twitter erupted after hearing the news of Joe Biden’s election win

After quite a long week of anxiously awaiting the results of the most important election of all of our lifetimes, America finally got the news today that Donald Trump is no longer our president — Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election after the state of Pennsylvania was called earlier today for Biden. Of course, social media erupted with reactions from both sides — but the only ones we’re concerned with are the happy ones because we’re done giving Trump and his supporters any air.

The reactions ranged from heartfelt…

…to humorous.

Of course some of us are just feeling a tad smug and petty. It’s ok — after four long and horrendous years, we’ve earned it.

But the celebrations in the streets might be the best of all. It truly feels like an anvil has been lifted from America’s chest. We can breathe again — and it’s downright amazing.

It’s a new start for a country that spent four terrible years wondering daily if things could, in fact, get worse. We’re about to welcome empathy, love, kindness, intelligence, expertise, and rescue dogs back into the White House. It’s a good day, America. A very good day.