Twitter Roasts Paul Ryan For Tone-Deaf Father's Day Tweet

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images/Twitter/Brian Fallon

Paul Ryan’s message is insensitive and out-of-touch when compared to the horrors families at the border are experiencing

It’s impossible not to think of all the immigrant parents who are separated from their children every day, but on Father’s Day especially. While a majority of American fathers celebrate the day with barbecues and golf, there are thousands of fathers being separated from their children at the U.S. border. Paul Ryan doesn’t seem too troubled by this tragedy, as he’s being lambasted on Twitter for posting a Father’s Day message from his point of privilege.

Many people are roasting him for being insensitive and out of touch.

“My life changed the day I became a father,” he tweeted. He writes that his three children are his “highest priority” and wishes “all of the dads out there” a happy day.

Except he doesn’t mean “all of the dads” out there, does he? Look, it’s fine to feel pride in your children and want to share how great you feel on Father’s Day when you’re a dad. There’s nothing wrong with that — except when you’re part of the Trump administration, and complicit in your responsibility for destroying thousands of immigrant families by tearing them apart and terrorizing them.

Which is why the ratio on that tweet is practically record-breaking with the number of responses to Ryan’s tone-deaf message.

We now know that from April 19 through May 31, 2,000 immigrant children were separated from their families. That averages to a horrific 48 kids being taken from their moms and dads per day. So please forgive us all, Speaker Ryan, if we aren’t feeling the self-congratulatory Father’s Day vibes you’re sending out.

Marco Antonio Muñoz, an immigrant from Honduras, recently died by suicide in his detention cell after he was separated from his wife and 3-year-old son. It’s a grim, fucking heartbreaking account of the real-life horrors these families are facing under the Trump administration.

Last week, a journalist toured a children immigration detention center and reported that the kids in these facilities are stuck inside for 22 hours a day and given limited access to the outside world.

The children and parents are terrified and don’t understand if they’re being told the truth. Many of them think they may never see their family members again. Infants as young as ONE are being taken to these facilities. Their lives will forever be impacted by being torn from their mothers and fathers.

But sure, happy Father’s Day, Paul Ryan.