People Took To Twitter To Share The Best Advice They've Recieved From Their Therapist––It's Gold

by Kristen Mae
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Like many people, I can’t afford weekly or even twice monthly therapy appointments. I probably need them, but other necessities higher on my list crowd out that expense. It is what it is. So, when I feel anxiety and depression nibbling away at my inner peace and contentment, I generally turn to a standard series of remedies to help keep myself stable: talk to a friend, get some exercise, eat healthier, get more sleep. Most of us have our go-to tactics we use to give ourselves a little lift, even if we don’t have a trusted therapist on hand.

I have now added a recent Twitter thread to my toolbox of coping mechanisms I can reach for to give myself some relief. It’s the “free therapy” tweet, started by Caroline Moss, which has been retweeted over 10,000 times and has nearly 4,000 responses. People are happily sharing the most useful nuggets of wisdom they’ve picked up in therapy, and it’s a veritable goldmine of comforting AF advice.

Of course, this isn’t intended to replace professional help if you need it, but if you are looking for some extra tips, this is incredibly helpful.

One user said their therapist advised to avoid saying “should.” Another user responded that their therapist had told them to “Stop shoulding all over yourself.” (So clever.) Yet another reply suggested that replacing “should” with “could” is a great way to get around that stifling feeling of obligation and flip it into a feeling of possibility, which is so much more positive. I already feel more motivated.

Below are some of the other gems from the thread, but honestly we recommend you save this one for future reference. It’ll come in handy when your day is in the shitter and you know there’s no damn way you’re getting in to see a therapist anytime soon.

I already feel less anxious about volunteering at my kid’s school tomorrow with a bunch of other parents I don’t know.

*head exploding* (But also, duh?)

This is a good one for confrontation-haters (raises hand). I’ve been known to take index cards into a situation where I know confrontation will be required.

I need to have a tiny flag sticking out of my phone that has this emblazoned upon it.

Realizing this and embracing it is when your life truly begins.

Oh my god, yes. BRB, need to go to the gym.

I actually felt my shoulders relax when I read this one.

Oooof. So real it hurts.

There are tons more gems like this. I’m definitely keeping this one handy to scroll through when I need a dose of perspective.

Now, to be clear, as mentioned above, none of the preceding should be construed as medical advice. If you are depressed, or if you’re having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else, reach out to a medical professional or a loved one for help. And if you are having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK.

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