Twitter Thread Nails Why People Need To Stop Making Excuses For Louis C.K.

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Twitter/Shakestweetz

Masturbating in front of someone without consent is serious assault

Louis C.K. is the latest garbage human to come under fire for sexual assault, admitting to masturbating in front of multiple non-consenting women in the world’s lamest, most narcissistic non-apology yesterday. Because he’s the first in a string of powerful, famous men to actually admit to his wrongdoings (albeit in an arrogant and not-at-all genuinely remorseful way), some people have been quick to absolve his abusive actions.

Melissa McEwan, editor of Shakesville, took to her Twitter account to perfectly articulate why minimizing C.K.’s sexual abuse is harmful. [“TW” = trigger warning for victims of sexual assault.]

Notaro is also a former collaborator of Louis C.K., who distanced herself from him completely after abuse allegations first surfaced years ago.

Specifically, if a famous comedian asks if he can whip out his genitalia in front of you, most people would probably assume he was making a creepy joke. But, alas, men masturbating in front of non-consenting women is sickeningly commonplace. Especially on public transportation.

What, you mean most men are all talk? Color me shocked. What she describes next will make your heart pound and your stomach churn.

When are we going to start believing women? When are the police and other authority figures going to stop shrugging off sexual assault like this? All it does is perpetuate the notion that it’s a norm that should be accepted.

Surrounded by a train full of people and yet she was all alone, being abused, and no one bats an eye or reaches out a hand to help her in case of escalation. It’s fucking bullshit. All of it. And these exact scenarios happen to women every single day.

It’s true. Abusive men who commit these depraved acts are in a position of power, always, because they know they can get away with it. Like she says, they count on it so they can continue to do it. You don’t have to be a Kevin Spacey or a Louis C.K. or a Harvey Weinstein to get away with serial sexual assault. An asshole on the train can wield just as much power over their victims.

McEwan urges those reading her thread to take all of this into consideration before coming to the defense of their beloved actors and comedians and anyone else they know who has committed similar acts — friends, relatives, co-workers. If you don’t speak up or try to help, YOU ARE COMPLICIT.