Cartoon Nails What We All Look Like When We Spend Our Days At Home

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Tyler Feder

These illustrations will really hit home if you spend lots of time, well, at home

If you spend your days at home — working, mothering, or just loafing — then you are intimately familiar with the At Home Wardrobe. It typically consists of a messy, dirty bun and a small heap of garbage masquerading as clothes.

Which is exactly why you need to check out these cartoons by artist Tyler Feder. Because we have all rocked each of these LEWKS on multiple occasions without a single fuck to be given.

Titled “Work From Home Looks,” Feder has somehow encompassed what it means to be a woman who spends most of her days at home. The cartoons are hilarious and honestly kind of eerily on-point.

As you can see, part one encompasses the more “wintery” fashions we at-homers tend to don. Hoodies, ratty leggings, two different socks, and the only bras worn are ones that provide absolutely no support at all.

Image via Tyler Feder

Holler to all my ladies out there rocking a $7 Costco sports bra — no? Just me? Also loving the “hole-y sweatpants I keep not throwing out because they’re so nice and long.”

Part two is just as brilliant, right down to the “huge chunk of hair sticking out of my bun.”

Image via Tyler Feder

I too own a few “men’s sweatshirts my dad didn’t want anymore” because there is nothing more comfortable than a men’s sweatshirt. They don’t have any of that way-too-slim-to-actually-be-comfy shit going on that “women’s fit” hoodies do. Like no, I don’t need anyone admiring my waist in a hoodie at home. I need to be able to chase after a toddler and scrub toilets in it, okay?

And of course, part three is just *chef’s kiss.*

Image via Tyler Feder

My dryer is consistently spitting out remnants of old, wadded up tissues I thrust in my pockets. And I own not one, not two, but three sweaters that are “basically a blanket.” I also can’t recall a time when my own pajama pants weren’t hitting me directly above the ankle thanks to shrinkage. They’re not fit for public consumption but those bad boys are perfect for letting the dog out to take a dump or for the daily walk to the mailbox at the end of the driveway.

As a freelance writer who’s been living and working at home for two years now, I am also 100% guilty of the final look. If we have to video chat, please know it’s all business up top but the party downstairs includes bleach-stained maternity leggings (I gave birth two and a half years ago) and mismatched “athletic” socks I got on sale that were once white, but now are a filmy grey at best.

My weekly go-to staple is a graphic tee with Sally Field’s character from Steel Magnolias and the caption “DRINK YOUR JUICE, SHELBY” written on it:

Image via Cassandra Stone’s Selfies Of Shame

Sometimes I jazz it up with an oversized, flannel button-down. You’re welcome.

Feder tells Scary Mommy the inspiration behind her recent cartoons is her own work-at-home lifestyle. “I just drew what I actually wear when I work, so it’s been such a treat to hear how many people share my glamorous fashion sense.” She says it’s easy to feel isolated when you’re at home, so “it’s fun to imagine all of us in our weird buns and ill-fitting sweatpants getting stuff done.”

Her illustrations and customized art pieces are available for purchase via her Etsy shop, Roaring Softly.

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