This Viral Passive-Aggressive Parallel Parking Battle Is A Must-Watch

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Twitter/@Mrhflrs

This parking battle is petty level: expert dedication

There’s stubbornness, and there’s standing your ground during a battle of epic proportions. When it comes to this dispute over a parking spot in L.A., the drivers involved proved they were ready for the latter. A bystander captured the entire thing and documented it on Twitter — and it’s easy to see why it’s gone viral.

The black car in question appears to have attempted to park in a spot before being completely blocked by the silver car that drove up right behind it, determined to also mark its territory. The battle begins at 6:30 p.m. and was documented with perfect humor by Twitter user @Mrhflrs.

Ten minutes later, the battle is still going strong — the cars have both turned on their flashers. LOL.

Passersby were forced to accomodate the feud. Horns were honking, people were yelling — and still, neither driver was about to budge.

Petty level: expert.

Yep, 28 minutes later and it’s still going strong. “If this were some type of sport, I’d imagine we’re nearing halftime,” @Mrhflrs tweets. “Sun goes down in less than 30, also a parking spot has opened up across the street but it seems like this is more about the principle.”

I mean at this point, you’ve got to ask the important questions.

People were not happy.

And while this is absolutely delightful entertainment to watch online, if any of us had to sit in traffic because of these people we’d be furious. FURIOUS.

An hour later, and the cars are still sitting there. In the dark. With apparently nowhere important to be. Could you imagine having this kind of time to dedicate to a locomotive detente like this? I’m guessing neither person has a small child in the car.

Eventually, the car parked in front of the black car pulls out, leaving a wide open parking spot in its wake. After a brief pause (because you don’t give up a stellar feud like this without at least taking a moment to think about it), the black car thinks better of it and decides to go ahead and reserve that spot for itself.

The silver car, hazard lights still a-blinkin’, pulls in right behind the black car — something both drivers likely thought would happen much sooner than it did, but alas, they had to stand their ground.

Minutes tick by, flashing lights have been turned off, and yet — no one is getting out of their car. LOL. The feud lives on!

As of 7:51 — almost an hour and a half after the feud began — the two drivers are still sitting in their cars, refusing to cave.

“Just to tell them I love their work?” Oh god, how amazing. But really though, can we all agree we admire their dedication to their craft?

The silver car eventually makes the first move to leave. HUZZAH. THE END OF THE FEUD. Which lasted like, three bowls of popcorn, time-wise.

Things didn’t stop there — @Mrhflrs decided to keep things going and personally thank each car for their leading roles in the saga. “Your resilience is inspiring,” she writes in a card. “Thank you for the hour and a half of entertainment. I’ll never forget you. I hope you and black car can become friends after this.”

“P.S. Email me at to tell your side of the story.” OMG. Perfect.

She really set up a gmail account though! This entire soap opera is truly perfection. Don’t worry, the black car got a message, too.

Ah, now that was some seriously entertaining stuff. Especially because none of us had to deal with it directly or be affected by it in any way. It’s textbook passive-aggression and it’s admirable in every way.