There Are 2 Types Of Kids On The 1st Day Of School And This Photo Nails Them Both

by Valerie Williams
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The two types of kids on the first day of school are summed up in a single photo

Some kids are absolutely thrilled on the first day of school, whie others? Not so much. A viral photo making the rounds on social media perfectly captures both types. And it’s totally hilarious.

According to Today, mom Traci Willis had no idea how relatable her funny first day of school photo would be to other parents. Her children’s uncle posted the image on Reddit with the caption, “There’s two types of kids on the first day of school…” We’re going to go ahead and let the photo speak for itself.

Nailed it.

As the photo clearly shows, you have Kid Type A and Kid Type B. Type A is all smiles, excited for the possibilities the first day of school will bring. Type A can’t wait to meet the teacher, make new friends and learn where the lunch room is. Type B? Type B wants none of your shit, first day of school. Type B is content to ball up in a corner and sob, refusing to take part in this time-honored ritual.

Willis explains that her daughter was very eager for her first day of kindergarten while her son wasn’t really feeling it on the first day of preschool. “He was not having that,” she explained. “That is when he just decided to lay down on the floor and cry.”

Same, kid. So many days, this seems like a viable option for any number of activities.

If you have more than one child, you might see this scenario play out before your very eyes with one kid chomping at the bit and the other doing everything possible to put a stop to this whole charade. Firsts are hard on anyone, even adults, so it’s easy to see why a kid would feel anxious and skeptical about such a big change. But luckily, children usually decide it’s not so bad once they get there.

Thankfully, such was the case with Willis’ little guy. She says he was fine when he got to school and after that scary first day was over, “He told us he was ‘feeling better about school now.”

Phew. Hopefully, all of you with nervous kiddos will be able to say the same.

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