Ugly Christmas Sweater Suits Are Here To Get You Holiday-Ready

by Thea Glassman
Image via Shinesty

Ugly Christmas sweater suits exist

Forget everything you know about tacky holiday apparel. Ugly Christmas sweater suits are officially a thing now, and this is kind of a game changer. The new suit collection comes courtesy of Shinesty, a clothing company that specializes in outlandish clothing (no, seriously, they’re currently selling Budweiser swimsuits). Prepare yourself for an overload of tackiness — in the best way possible. ‘Tis the season, after all.

First off, hats off to this extremely sharp looking blue and red ensemble ($99.99). Who knew that a suit featuring a bunch of Santa Claus faces could actually look kind of…cool? Bonus points for the matching dress set.

Image via Shinesty

You can also purchase this delightfully ugly red Christmas suit ($99.99), which could easily double as a delicious cookie. Best of both worlds, right there.

Image via Shinesty

Snag this camo ugly Christmas suit ($99.99), but only if you feel really good about rocking a lot green. Because, that’s a lot, a lot of green.

If you’re looking for a slightly sleeker ugly Christmas suit option (read: less pictures of Santa’s face), there’s a Nordic Christmas suit ($99.99) featuring a collection of tasteful snowflakes. Oh, and P.S., there’s also a handy pocket on the inside of the jacket to store some of your libations. You’re going to need libations if you’re rocking this kind of suit.

Image via Shinesty

You can also get the WHOLE family on-board with a large heaping of Christmas plaid ($64.99). Your child will forgive you later.

Lots of hats off to these pants that exclusively feature dogs wearing Santa hats ($64.99). This one might just have to be the hands down winner.

Here’s to a very tacky Christmas, and a whole lot of regrettable fashion choices. The spiked egg nog will make it all better.