United by Motherhood

by Andrea
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Whether it was the first try, the first round of in-vitro, the first year of trying, or the first five years of waiting on an adoption list, we all have the firsts that we struggled with.

The first time we experienced morning sickness.

The first time we had a hormone shot. The first time an adoption fell through.

We got queasy over something in the beginning. Then we went on to struggle with our seconds.

The second time we had to go back for an ultrasound because the first one made the Dr. uneasy.

The second round of in-vitro. The second miscarriage. The second round of blood work. The second batch of adoption legal fees. We all had all sorts of seconds… and not just of dessert helpings.

And we made it to three.

The third trimester restricted to bed rest.

The third round of in-vitro that worked. The third trip to another country. The third meeting with a genetic counselor. The third trip to the ER. We had thirds we will never forget.

And through miracles of all shapes and forms, we made it.

We held our baby.

We gave someone a life. No matter how you became a mother. No matter who you mother. Regardless of what you believe, how you did it, what worked for you, what you stand for, what you stand up against… we are all in this together.

At least we should be.

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