Mom Of 6 Hilariously Explains Why She Has 'So Many Kids'

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Image via Facebook/Unremarkable Files

Blogger gives all the “reasons” for her big family

Welcome to motherhood — you literally can’t do anything right.

Because whether you have one kid or seven, there’s always someone who either disapproves of your procreation choices or simply has to comment on them. That’s why one mom took to Facebook to sarcastically call out those nosy and ridiculous enough to grill her about her large family.

Jenny Evans is the mom behind the blog Unremarkable Files where she writes about life with her six kids, a number that seems to convince total strangers that it’s acceptable to ask why her family is so big. So she told them in a hilarious Facebook video.

Why do you have so many kids? Why DO I have so many kids? That’s a good question,” she says.

Evans is only too happy to provide some insight, and here are a few of the highlights.

“I’m not really supposed to talk about it,” she says, “but I’m part of this new government pilot program, it’s called No Egg Left Behind.”

“I just really like having all my stuff broken!”

“The tax deductions.”

“It’s fun, it’s like living in a frat house. Or a zoo!”

“I like to answer lots of nosy questions while I grocery shop.”

“I’m just trying to deplete the earth of all it’s natural resources, obviously.”

“I’m just trying to bug you. Is it working?”

For some horrible people? Probably.

There are plenty of total strangers who find it appropriate to comment on the size of a woman’s family (I say woman because most would only applaud a dad at the grocery store with six kids instead of questioning all of his life choices) so it’s easy to see why a mom like Evans would grow frustrated over time. Frankly, the fact that she has a sense of humor about such a crappy and invasive question is admirable. I’m positive I couldn’t stay so chill in the face of such relentless eyebrow-raising and judgment.

In the end, Evans shares the real reason she has so many kids — not that it’s anyone’s business but hers and her husband’s. “It’s because I like them.”

Well how about that.

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