U.S. Women's Soccer Team Deserves Equal Pay To Men's Team

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Is Scoring Higher Than The Men’s Team Ever Has — And Is Still Paid Less

Quality Sport Images/Getty

The record-breaking U.S. women’s soccer team should not still be fighting for equal pay to the men’s team

In case you’ve somehow missed this fact, the U.S. women’s soccer national team is really good. I mean, really, really good. They’re the defending champions at this year’s Women’s World Cup, and, in fact, they’ve won three of the seven total Women’s World Cup tournaments that have been held since the event was started in 1991. Yesterday, in the World Cup opener against Thailand, they broke every record in existence by winning 13-0. And then there are the four gold medals they won when women’s soccer was added as an Olympic sport in 2016. Oh, and they’re still fighting for equal pay.

Yep, the women’s team, which is incredibly successful and profitable for U.S. soccer, is paid a fraction of what the men’s team earns.

For comparison, the 13 goals the women’s team scored in yesterday’s game alone is more than the men’s team has scored in the last three World Cup tournaments combined. Total. There is absolutely no question here about which team is better. And yet, the men earn way more money. In what universe is this even remotely OK?

After the women’s team stunned the world with that record-breaking victory (it was the highest margin of victory ever recorded at a World Cup game, as well as the most goals ever scored in a single World Cup match), the internet caught wind of their battle against pay disparity, and took to social media to rightfully  shame U.S. Soccer.