Vagina Cakes Are Back To Horrify Your Pregnant Friends

by Maria Guido
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Horrify your pregnant friend with a baby shower vagina cake

Do you have a pregnant friend with a great sense of humor? Would you like to mildly horrify her on her baby shower, and frighten Nana away from the kitchen, forever? Boy, do we have the cakes for you.

What better way to celebrate the impending birth of a child than by reminding its mother what is about to happen to her lady-parts?

Here’s a realistic doll head emerging from glazed strawberries, to ruin your taste for your favorite flavor of cheesecake, forever.

Here comes a very small baby out of a very giant vagina. Note to potential vagina-cake bakers: vagina to baby ratio is very important.

We just found the thing expecting moms want to be reminded of less than the fact that a baby is about to emerge from their nether-parts. The other thing that may emerge during labor.

This cake is here to haunt your dreams. The end.

Hop out of the vagina like “What?”

Add candles and creepy lighting for maximum effect.

Welp. There’s always the friend who needs to take the joke too far.

Your pregnant friend will definitely appreciate you ruining CAKE for her forever.

Not even sure what’s happening here.

To recap: vaginas are great. Babies are great. Cakes are great. Mashing up the three to celebrate an impending birth may get you uninvited from the next baby shower.

Or all baby showers. Forever.

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