Vagina Nails Are The Trend You Never Asked For But Should Totally Rock

by Christina Marfice

Vagina nails may be NSFW, but they’re kind of impressive, TBH

Trends are inherently subjective — some people will be all about them, while others take a hard pass. The emerging Instagram trend of sporting tiny vaginas on your fingernails is definitely no exception, but even those who would never dream of using miniature vulvas as accessories can admit, these take some serious time and dedication.

The detail! Are those vaginas 3-dimenstional? They are as crafty as they are explicit, fam. And the carefully, albeit suggestively, placed pearls? These nails are a true celebration of womanhood and all that entails, and someone put some work into making them. Isn’t that basically the definition of art?

Those particular vaginails may be the cream of the crop, but there are some other seriously impressive versions out there, like these 3-D beauties:

And these, which take the trend a step further and incorporate some other kinds of genitalia:

Not all of them are 3-D, but there are some simpler versions out there that are just as lovingly crafted.

And using tiny gemstones to accentuate that anatomy? You gotta appreciate the creativity, whether or not you’re booking a salon appointment to get your own set of vaginails.

We admit that, as impressive as vagina nails are, they’re not a trend everyone can pull off. Society tends to be pretty anti seeing genitals out and about in everyday life, so a lot of work situations probably wouldn’t allow this look. But that’s OK! Vaginas also look great as slightly more abstract art, as it turns out.

So there you go. Whether you’re into detailed, 3-D vaginas, abstract vaginas or no vaginas, vaginails are a surprising way of using art to celebrate womanhood, and that’s something we should all be able to get behind.