Everything We Know About 'Vanderpump Rules' Newbie, Dayna Kathan, So Far

by Kristine Cannon
Dayna Vanderpump Rules

Who is Scheana’s arch-nemesis this season, Dayna Kathan? Here’s what we know about the SURver so far

This week on Vanderpump Rules, we watched Brittany Cartwright mispronounce “boudoir.” We also watched her now-husband Jax Taylor disinvite Brian Carter, Kristen Doute’s ex, from his bachelor party. And we watched Scheana Shay haze new SURver and TomTom hostess Dayna Kathan at SUR ⁠— much like the “training” we watched Stassi Schroeder put Scheana through Season 1.


Why Scheana isn’t on great terms with Dayna (yes, already, in Episode 2) is simple: Dayna is interested in Max Boyens, TomTom general manager ⁠and Scheana’s former fling.

“The only one she’s actually not training is the one who’s going on a date with Max,” Dayna says.

“I only knew Dayna as the girl who I would literally walk right past to get to into my friend’s bar. Now, she’s the girl who’s not only fucking her boss but my leftovers,” Scheana later says.


It doesn’t help that later in the episode, we watch Max gossip to Dayna about her newfound nemesis. Apparently, Scheana told Max she was going off birth control, and she even opened up to him about freezing her eggs.

And then Max drops this third-degree burn: “With Dayna there’s a lot of depth to her. With Scheana, we talk about … emojis. I don’t know; it wasn’t enlightening to me.” Eesh.

Now that we know Dayna is interested in Max and feuding with Scheana, we wondered: What else is there to know about the new SURver?

For starters, we’ve seen Dayna before. As the premiere reminded us, she was one of the women who partied with the Vanderpump Rules guys in Season 7 while the ladies took a trip to the wine country in Solvang, California. Dayna even ended up in the bathroom with Peter Madrigal, and while he claims they made out in said bathroom, Dayna denies it 1,000 percent. “I have no idea why Peter is saying we made out,” Dayna said. “I’m pretty sure I’d remember my first time making out with a pirate.”

But there’s more to Dayna than her maybe-makeout with Peter. Here’s what we know about her ⁠— so far.

She’s an aspiring comedian

According to Dayna’s bio on Bravo, she’s a “sassy aspiring stand-up comedian,” and her Instagram shows her performing at venues such as the Comedy Store and Westside Comedy Theater. According to Tom Schwartz, Dayna is “funny as hell in person,” and Stassi agrees, telling Access Hollywood: “I really like Dayna… She is [a comedian]. She’s just, like, very real and raw… I think she’s really entertaining to have fun with and hang out with.”

Fans like her, too.

“I think I love stand-up comedy because I don’t have to censor myself,” Dayna said during the ep.

She’s relatively new to L.A.


According to her Instagram, Dayna moved to L.A. from San Diego during the summer of 2018.

She’s been friends with a few of the cast members


According to Heavy, Dayna has been friends with cast members, including Ariana Madix and LaLa Kent, for years.

She was reportedly not on good terms with Jax and Brittany


Also according to Hollywood Life, Dayna has doesn’t get along with Brittany or Jax, so “a lot of the drama will center around that.”

Clearly, she and Brittany made up, though, if the photo above (posted a mere month ago) means anything.

She and Max may have a falling out this season

“When the rumor mill swirls about Max’s extracurricular activities, Dayna must decide whether to give him a chance or move onto greener pastures with her close friend and SURver, Brett Caprioni,” Dayna’s bio also states ⁠— and we can’t wait to see how this plays out this season.

She’s experienced major loss

On Dec. 31, Dayna took to Instagram to open up about and reflect on loss, breakups, hardships, and more.

“I can’t say that I’m sad to see this decade go,” she wrote. “In the last 10 years, I lost my mom, had a falling out with my dad, experienced several excruciating breakups, was fired from the only career I had had my entire 20s, grappled with mental illness, and seriously contemplated suicide several times. I didn’t have an easy start to my adult life, which followed a not so easy childhood and adolescence.”

But, she wrote, she’s now a much stronger person for it.

“Through these tough moments, I was reborn over and over again,” she said. “LA allowed me to be the woman I was always meant to be. It allowed me to learn real self-love, and to cut out anyone whose energy brought mine down.”

We, for one, can’t wait to learn more about Dayna this season.