Scheana's Psychic Set-Up On 'Vanderpump Rules' Was Peak Cringe

by Kristine Cannon
Dayna and Scheana Vanderpump Rules

Beau gets dragged into the ongoing Witches of Weho feud, but it’s Scheana we want more of on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Scheana Shay tries to surprise Dayna Kathan with a psychic, James Kennedy and Lala Kent make peace — and new music — and the Witches of Weho drag Beau Clark into their ongoing feud: Welcome to Episode 16 of Vanderpump Rules Season 8, where we’re finally over the wedding hump and coasting right into the never-ending Witches of Weho drama and the simultaneously cringy and superb Scheana content we can’t help but voraciously consume (and tweet about).

Let’s start with Beau, though.

Did Stassi just compare herself to Beyoncé?

After we watch Dayna and Brett Caprioni take a bartending class, we’re off to Stassi’s apartment, where the Next Level Basic author’s combing through her set of hair extensions alongside future fiancé, Beau. After the arrival of bestie Katie Maloney-Schwartz and her husband Tom Schwartz, the conversation quickly turns to babies.

“Listen, I’m done waiting for his ass to make the next move in our relationship,” Stassi says to Katie and Schwartz, adding that she made an appointment with her OB/GYN to “make sure everything is working down there.”

Katie then reveals to the group that Stassi had her IUD taken out, to which Stassi says she and Beau are “not not trying to make a baby.”

“I know that 10 years from now, Beau and I will be married with children,” Stassi adds in a talking head. “I want to take that next step in our relationship — whatever that is.”

The conversation then shifts to Kristen Doute, who notably wasn’t invited to Katie and Schwartz’s second wedding in Vegas, which we watched last episode. Stassi reveals, after forgiving Kristen for lying to her about sleeping with her boyfriend at the time, Jax Taylor, she’s afraid Kristen will betray her again.

“It’s also hard for me because she is still my friend,” Beau adds. Kristen introduced Beau to Stassi, “but on the other hand, they’re fighting, and I don’t want Stassi to be upset or uncomfortable about this. I just wish they’d work things out.”

But judging by Stassi’s disinterest in continuing to work with Kristen on their wine brand, Witches of Weho, that doesn’t look like it’ll happen any time soon — if ever.

“It hard. My heart is not been in this for a while,” she says of their wine business. “Katie, Kristen, and I are throwing this Witches of Weho wine party to promote the launch of our Potion No. 2. Do I want to throw this party? Abso-fucking-lutely not.”

And then Stassi compares the Witches of WeHo to Destiny’s Child.

“Basically, if the Witches of WeHo were Destiny’s Child, I’m Beyoncé, and I’m ready to leave,” Stassi says in her confessional.

Meanwhile, Kristen shows up to the venue early to set up and doing her part to ensure the wine launch is a success. Kristen, we see you. Keep it up.

Scheana, her eggs, and the surprise psychic

Next Scheana sits down with Lisa Vanderpump at Sur at the start of her shift, excitedly telling Lisa that her doctor retrieved seven eggs from her egg retrieval surgery.

“And you’re just waiting for the right—” Lisa starts.

“—guy or time or whatever,” Scheana adds.

After Lisa suggests Peter be the guy for Scheana, Scheana says she doesn’t want to be a relationship and she’s having “too much fun being single.”

“You say that, but I know you want to be in a relationship more than anything,” Lisa says as she eats her three goat cheese balls.

“I’m not ready for that,” Scheana says.

And then Lisa says what every single viewer’s been thinking this entire season: “Sometimes I feel that with you, we don’t get the true story. It’s OK to tell me how you truly feel,” she says.

“For a while there, I told people that it didn’t bother me when a relationship had ended because that led me to the next one,” Scheana says in a talking head. “But at the end of the day, all of these guys have really f***ing hurt me and f***ed me up here [her head] and here [her heart].”

Later, we see Scheana at Dayna’s apartment, where she tries to bring in her psychic friend for Dayna as a surprise. Dayna, however, wanted nothing of it.

The conversation on the couch started with Dayna opening up about how she missed her late mom.

“I had a moment about my mom as I always do at this time,” Dayna says, referring to her birthday, which she shares with her mom. “I put on a bunch of Beatles records and just cried in the kitchen as I made mac ‘n’ cheese and hot dogs.”

Scheana then starts talking about how she saw a psychic and how, during that session, her grandmother came through. “So, I hired one to have your mom be able to come through for your birthday,” Scheana says with tears in her eyes.

“That’s just, like, a lot to spring on with me without talking [to me],” Dayna says. “You have never lost a parent.”

“I know, but my mom has,” Scheana responds to Dayna, who’s at a loss for words. “Sorry,” Scheana continues, “it was just, from the bottom of my heart, something I wanted to do for you.”

“I am a gift-giver. It’s my favorite part of Christmas watching everyone else open their presents, and I just wanted to bring a minute of happiness to her for her to know that her mom is so proud of her,” Scheana further explains in a talking head.

Now, this is the reality TV content we deserve, and Scheana always delivers.

Back on the couch, Scheana tells Dayna that she has a psychic available to her should she want to speak with her, but little does Dayna know, the psychic was on her way — and moments away from knocking on her door. Scheana, however, tells her that she “would never” give the psychic Dayna’s address and surprise her at her door.

“I completely believe in psychics and communicating with the dead, but losing my mother was single-handedly the most traumatic thing that ever happened to me,” Dayna says. “If I’m going to talk to my mom, I want good energy and support around me. I’m open to being friends with Scheana, but to share in such an intimate moment with her, we’re just not there yet.”

But wait, the cringe doesn’t end there. We then see Scheana talk to the psychic, Shauna, right outside of Dayna’s apartment, where Scheana tells Shauna that it was just “too heavy of a surprise” for Dayna. “I wasn’t expecting it. I literally asked 20 people’s opinion on this and, up until today, only one person was like, ‘You shouldn’t do that.’ I didn’t know how she was going to react,” Scheana says. “I know if it was me, I would be like, ‘Fuck yeah! Let’s do this right now.'”

Overhearing the conversation from her window, Dayna then confronts Scheana, who backtracks, saying that she never gave the psychic Dayna’s apartment number.

Produced or not, you have to admit, Scheana makes for great reality TV.

Later at a club, Dayna tells Danica and Brett about the surprise psychic, telling them that Scheana “lies all the time.”

“It’s ironic that Scheana’s so worried about how the truth makes her look because lying is actually what makes her look bad. It’s what makes people not like her,” Dayna says in a talking head.

“I’m just over putting effort into friendships that aren’t reciprocated. It’s simple as that,” Scheana later says to Brett in the alley behind Sur. “I put so much effort into my friendships to the put where it’s almost embarrassing. But if you’re not going to reciprocate that, then boy, bye.”

The episode wraps up with a Kristen and Stassi arguing at their own wine launch event over the fact that Beau was having a conversation with Kristen. Kristen questions whether Beau can even be friends with her, and that’s when Stassi confronts Kristen and Beau. Stassi blows up, cries, and storms off.

But don’t worry, folks; she and Beau are bound to get over it considering next week’s preview includes Beau proposing to Stassi at a cemetery. Until then…

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.