Toy Story Vans Debut In Time For The Holiday

Your Kids Are Going To Want These Toy Story Vans

Image via Vans

Vans and Disney-Pixar collaborate on the cutest shoes of all time

Vans and Disney-Pixar released some teaser images of a new shoe collaboration. We may or may not have quickly scanned to see if they also come in adult sizes, before we even looked at all the images.

They do. You know — in case you know someone who may be into that sort of thing. I’m not setting a Google alert so I can buy a pair of these Woody high tops, YOU are. (Okay. Maybe I am.)


“Vans showcases Andy’s favorite toys across an extensive assortment of adult and kids footwear as well as apparel and accessories this holiday season,” the Vans website states. I hope they’ve gotten the memo the holiday season has arrived. My neighbors have Christmas lights up already, no joke. Where are my Va– I mean, my kids’ Vans?

Image via Vans

Image via Vans

Buzz, Woody, Ham, Slinky, Rex, and Bo Peep are all featured on designs.


There’s even a Sid-inspired slip on featuring Roller Bob, Legs, Rockmobile and Baby Face. There’s also some adorable accessories and clothing:


Vans has been teasing the line on Twitter since September. It will finally be available in stores and online October 7.