The Entire Vans x Harry Potter Line Is Finally Here!

by Christina Marfice

BRB (or not), buying everything in the new Vans x Harry Potter collection

Attention all Hogwarts students (including those who know their letters got lost in the post) — finally, the Vans x Harry Potter collection of our dreams has dropped.

72 new items are now available on the Vans website and in stores, and trust when we say you’re gonna want them all. This collection has been being teased online for months, and now that the whole collection has been revealed, it’s even better than we ever dreamed it might be.

No matter what Hogwarts house you belong to, you can find plenty of merch to help you wear your house pride right on your sleeve — or anywhere else, really. The site for the collection allows you to sort products by house, making it super easy to find the right clothes and accessories to rep your house pride.

Of course, the collection features plenty of the things Vans is known for: comfy, casual sneakers. Like these very classic lace-up sneaks that feature house colors for Ravenclaw (and are available themed for the other houses, too, of course).

If you don’t want to rep just one house, well, there’s a shoe for that, too. These slip-ons feature the crests of all four Hogwarts houses.

There are other styles of shoes available too, like these incredible snake-skin sneakers for Slytherins.

If you’re more of a high-top person, Gryffindors can snag a pair that will look amaze on the Quidditch field when they’re dominating next school year.

The former journalist/geeky news loving person in me is absolutely dying over this pair of lace-ups with a Daily Prophet print.

They even come in baby sizes. Just try not to squeal over the idea of a tiny infant rocking kicks that are golden snitch themed.

Even though shoes are definitely what Vans is best known for, the collection features plenty of other goodies that every Potterhead will want to snap right up. Like these house-themed socks, because you’re definitely going to want to coordinate your socks to your sneaks.

There are also a ton of really cute clothes that will let you wear the fact that you will always love HP in styles that range from very obviously Potter-themed to more subtle. We personally love these t-shirts that are designed after the house Quidditch uniforms.

This Deathly Hallows shirt is also a very stylish way to subtly proclaim your love for HP.

If you’d rather just rep Hogwarts, there’s a shirt for that, too.

And on chilly days, you’ll want to reach for this very cute hoodie, which features each house animal in the house colors down one sleeve.

If what you really need is a way to carry all your spellbooks, rememberalls, Quidditch gear and chocolate frogs to class, these house-themed backpacks are exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Like we said, this collection contains 72 different Potter themed items, so if you’re not loving these ones, make sure to check out the rest. And we don’t need a prophecy to know a lot of this line is likely to sell out, so get on it if you want to rock any of this HP gear.