Vicious Lies

by Jill Smokler
Originally Published: 

What were you told about being a mom before you were a member of the club?

That the love you’d feel for your children would be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before? That you’d lay down your life for your child without thinking twice? That your existence would never again be the same? I was told all of those, and they’ve proven to be true. Time and time again.

But, then there are the things I was told that have proven less than accurate… things like parenting strengthens a marriage, and that it gets easier with time, and that absurd notion that having kids keeps you young. Once upon a time, I believed these statements. I wondered what was wrong with me, and why I couldn’t relate. Well, a few kids later and I finally figured it out: they’re all lies! Vicious lies.

That’s what my latest book, Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies), is all about: The lies we were told about the best and hardest job and the lies some of us continue to tell new mothers, like some sick hazing ritual. Lies like these…

Can you relate? I hope you can. The book comes out in three weeks. Now, you could easily wait until it’s at your local bookstore and pick up a copy then, but ordering it now really makes more sense. Why?

Well, first of all, it’s how my publisher gauges success and decides if they send me on more tour stops or not. Secondly, it helps assuage my fear of “OMG, nobody is going to buy the book, I should just quit now and never get out of bed,” which has become pretty severe of late. And, thirdly, because you would be eligible for the awesomest giveaway I’ve ever hosted. What’s that you say?

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