Victoria Beckham Kisses 5-Year-Old On The Mouth, Sparks Debate

by Ashley Austrew
Image via Instagram

Victoria Beckham is facing backlash over a photo of her daughter giving her a kiss

Kids are usually too busy wreaking havoc to show their parents any real affection, but occasionally they pause long enough to let us give them a quick peck on the face, and when they do, it’s adorable, right? Well, apparently not. A recent Instagram share has the internet lashing out at Victoria Beckham because she dared to kiss her own five-year-old daughter on the mouth.

The photo, shared earlier this week, shows Beckham and her five-year-old daughter, Harper, stopping for a quick smooch while swimming. In the image’s caption, Beckham wished her daughter a “very happy birthday” from their whole family. “We love you so much,” she wrote. “Kisses from Mummy.”

It’s a completely innocent photo you’d find on any Instagram feed or in any family album, but of course, the internet completely lost its mind and lashed out at the former Spice Girl, calling her a “pedophile” and a “child molester” for showing affection to her own daughter. This is just a small sampling of the ridiculous hate people are hurling Beckham’s way:

“That is not cool at all… Victoria should think twice before doing that shit. Fucking child molester.”
“This is child sexual abuse.”
“The whole angle of the pic makes it suggestive. Like it was set up for response. I don’t personally don’t kiss my children in mouth but know many that do never seen it look like they were having having a moment. [sic]”
“Looks like your making out… it’s definitely the head tilt. Makes it look like a romantic movie kiss. [sic]”
“Whilst quickly flicking through my Instagram feed this morning, I’m ashamed to say, I did at first think this was a lesbian kiss! It was not until I focused properly and realized who had posted the pic, saw who it was. Nothing wrong at all with showing love and affection to your children but maybe not on dangerous social media!
“A lot of kids get cold sores from their parents kissing them on the mouth.“

Um, ew.

This shouldn’t need to be said, but there is nothing at all strange, sexual, or perverse about a parent giving their child a quick kiss on the mouth. I usually stick to cheek-kisses with my kids, but sometimes they absolutely ask for “a lip kiss,” and I find it cute and sweet, not gross. Hell, my 39-year-old husband still gives his parents pecks on the lips. Kisses are a normal way to show affection, folks.

Luckily, the majority of people seem to realize that. Since the Beckham controversy started generating media attention, hundreds of people have flooded her photo with messages of support and praise. Some are even posting their own photos of themselves kissing their children to show the haters it’s perfectly fine.

As one fan wrote on Twitter, “If you find parents kissing their children on their lips uncomfortable, that’s your weird problem.”

You can say that again.