Watch These Parents Awkwardly Attempt The Masturbation Talk

by Julie Scagell
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Parents explain masturbation to their kids in cringe-worthy video

There’s nothing quite like talking about sex with your kids to make everyone, including the family dog, want to run screaming out of the house. Of course we want them to have all the facts and yes we want them to understand their bodies. Obviously we are the mature, confident teachers with a lifetime of experiences to draw from, but it can be an embarrassing conversation, no doubt.

But guess what’s even more awkward than the sex talk? The masturbation talk. It’s an inevitable and obviously uncomfortable one that many parents have had and probably most have done so while hiding behind a house plant to avoid all eye contact. But in a new video released by Cut, parents have “the talk” with their kids and they, in turn, have very honest and necessary discussions.

“When you touch your privates in different ways to make yourself feel good…” one mom opens matter-of-factly. We’re considering hiring her out to come talk to our kids because I, for one, have made these kinds of exchanges waaaaaaay more awkward than they needed to be. I’m terrible at these types of conversations. When my daughter was four and asked what her vagina was in the bath one day, I panicked and told her it was her “front butt.” Whatever, she’s 13 now and knows it’s her vagina so STOP JUDGING ME.

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In another part of the video one dad explains that sometimes when a man masturbates, “Some people will say ‘choking the chicken’.” To which his son replies, “OK, I have never heard that but it is also very rude to chickens.” Indeed it is, young sir. This same kid also very thoughtfully responds to his dad showing him a dildo and explaining it is used by some women to insert inside their vagina by saying, “That is big, that’s huge. It’s not going to fit.” OK, not gonna lie, he may be our favorite.

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And while some of the kids cringe and laugh, it’s clear they’re all interested and engaged in the conversation. Some have already done it and seemed relieved to know their parents do too. Kids want to learn – so either you’re going to teach them about how their bodies can feel good or someone else is. Or even worse, they’ll feel embarrassed and ashamed around a very natural act, which in turn could make them feel shame about their bodies and in future relationships.

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Though some may feel this isn’t a conversation parents should have with their children or that it’s too taboo a topic and choose not to, most kids will masturbate at some point in their lives. It’s a very normal, healthy part of a person’s sexuality. For these parents, at least their children know if they ever have questions in the future, they have a loving, open person to turn to.

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