This Video Of A Spider Carrying A Mouse Will Make You Want To Set Everything On Fire

by Meredith Bland
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Image: Facebook

Facebook video of Huntsman spider carrying a mouse goes viral

This morning I settled down in front of my laptop to see what my editor at Scary Mommy wanted me to write about today. She wrote, “Did you see this?!” and posted a link to the following video. The answer to her question was that no, I hadn’t seen this, nor did I ever intend to. And yet here I am writing about it, because job.

Not even. “These spiders can be social, and dozens will sometimes sit together on dead trees or stumps.” This is all environmentalists need to say when trying to convince people to save the trees. Maybe there are people out there who don’t care about trees, but everyone cares about dinner-sized fast-moving spiders.

(Things not to do in Australia: Outside.)

How’s their sex life?

“Compared to other spider species that eat their mates, huntsman spiders are downright romantic. According to the Australian Museum, their mating ritual can last for several hours and involves lengthy caresses and other demonstrations of interest.” I believe this is the spider equivalent of beer goggles.

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