Watch This Video Of Trump Talking About Women And Try Not To Punch Something

by Meredith Bland
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Image via The Washington Post/Getty Images

The way Trump speaks to women has always been appalling

As powerful man after powerful man gets outed as a predator, let’s not forget the head predator in charge, Donald Trump. In case you forgot how little regard the president (who has boasted on tape about committing sexual assault) has for women, The Washington Post put together a video of some of Trump’s most heinous comments about everyone from a female primary opponent to the women who accused him of sexual assault. If you’re not a woman, these comments should disgust you. If you are a woman, you probably want to set shit on fire.

The most disheartening thing about the below almost 5-minute video is how many of these incidents we have forgotten over the past two years. It also reminds us how ashamed some of us should be for voting this man into office.

Over the past two years, Trump has shown over and over again how little respect he has for women. This is a man who is concerned first and foremost with women’s bodies — how they look, how they’re shaped, and what he can do with them. Beyond that, he couldn’t care less what they have to say, and frequently dismisses those who challenge him as “neurotic” and “crazy.”

The video begins with the set-up for this year’s Irony Award, which is Donald Trump saying that “nobody respects women more than Donald Trump.” It then covers his slights against Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina, and Heidi Cruz during the election, from the “blood coming out of her wherever” comment, to the “would anyone vote for that [face]” query, to the retweet of an image comparing Mrs. Cruz’s looks to Melania Trump’s.

Let’s all go scream till we puke, shall we?

But if you think he only attacks women who are public figures, then you must have forgotten the times he called the women accusing him of sexual assault “liars” and defended himself by saying that they weren’t attractive enough for him to assault (“Not my first choice.”) The video goes on to cover other misogynistic hits, such as: “such a nasty woman,” “bleeding badly from a facelift,” and, of course, his most recent target, “wacky” Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.

While both sides of the aisle shake their fists about Harvey Weinstein and James Toback, let’s not forget that we have a man in the White House who’s also a misogynist who abuses his power over women. Men like these are allowed to maintain positions of power (or, are even elected into them) because we as a country either a) agree with them or b) have decided that the hatred and continual demeaning of women is something we can live with.

If you think this kind of behavior is acceptable, imagine for one second what the response would be if the genders were reversed? What if Hillary Clinton said that Anderson Cooper “was leaking from his whatever,” or that Bernie Sanders needed some face work done, or called Paul Ryan a weirdo? We wouldn’t stand for it. We would expect more from her. We would think she sounded ridiculous. And that’s because women don’t get to say those kinds of things about men.

But when men say that about women? Well, we don’t like it, but we sure as hell accept it.

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