Let's All Admit Once And For All That The Easter Bunny Is Terrifying

Let’s All Admit Once And For All That The Easter Bunny Is Terrifying

Videos of kids being traumatized by Easter bunnies should not be this funny (but they kind of are).

Can we all agree that breathing life into a giant bunny is a horrible idea? Even more horrible of an idea is then forcing our children to sit on the freakishly-giant bunny’s lap for a picture. The Easter bunny tradition needs some work. Henceforth he should be a real-sized bunny who happily hops around your yard leaving jellybeans in his wake, not a giant monstrosity with a fixed smile who will haunt your kids’ dreams for life.

The Easter Bunny is just universally off-putting — and it’s because no one has really perfected his costume. The fixed smile. The creepy too-wide eyes. The Easter bunny is your crazy uncle in plushy form. He’s terrifying.

There are some seriously funny videos of kids being freaked-the-hell-out by the Easter bunny. You may feel a little bad watching them, but you’ll be laughing too hard to care.

People in giant bunny suits should not sneak up on children. As a rule.

A few minutes of laughter, a lifetime of trauma.

Hell no, they aren’t coming with you.

I’d rather wander the aisles of Walmart for all of eternity than come see that f**king Easter bunny.

No parents. Just, no. Your kids hate the Easter bunny. Really can you blame them?