Viral Post Reminds Us That We Should Always Let Paramedics Cut In Line

by Thea Glassman
Image via Steve Edwards/Facebook

Paramedics to the front of the line — every time

One man is on a mission to get paramedics priority service at cafes — and he’s receiving an overwhelmingly positive response back. Steve Edwards’ call-to-action on Facebook has gone insanely viral and positive comments continue to roll in.

The former nurse began his post by recounting a recent experience he had while grabbing a bite to eat at a cafe.

“2 paramedics (who were obviously taking a chance to grab a quick bite between jobs) came in and joined the queue waiting to get their breakfast and cuppa. Just as they got to the till they got a message on the radio. They had to go at once,” he wrote. “They both laughed and said ‘that always happens to us!’ Then they both rushed out to help someone.”

This didn’t sit well with Edwards. He pointed out that those people have “one of the most important jobs in the world,” and the rest of the customers waiting on line were likely enjoying a far more leisurely day.

“Why don’t we all we use this social media to get people (and companies) to allow paramedics and all other emergency services to jump the queue and get served as soon as they come in?” he asked. “That way they have a better chance of getting a drink and perhaps some food before they go on their day helping people.”

Edwards asked users to comment, rather than just ‘like’ his message, and boy did they. More than 200,000 people have shared his post, and around 44,000 comments (and counting) have been posted. The responses continue to pour in by the minute, and the overwhelming majority say that they would be more than happy to give up their place in line for emergency service workers. So, yes, in case you’ve been wondering, there is indeed some goodness left in the world.

Massive shout-out to Edwards for this Facebook post. As the complete shitshow that was 2017 comes to a close, it’s nice to see that there’s some kindness and solidarity still out there. Can we get a little more of that in 2018? Lots of please and thank yous.