Hilarious Tweets Prove Baby Boomers Are The Real MVPs Of Unnecessary Spending

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Twitter/@plantxbasic

Baby boomers are the real champs at spending money on “fancy” items, not millennials

It seems like millennials are constantly on the defense with baby boomers. Boomers love to talk about how spoiled millennials are — especially when it comes to spending money on their fancy avocado toast and whatever else the kids are into. Which is why this hilarious viral tweet is the perfect rebuttal to boomers everywhere.

It all started with Twitter user @plantxbasic, whose tweet quickly began picking up viral steam among millennials everywhere.

Can we all please have a moment of silence to reflect on the “good” plates, because WTF?! My plates are from a church rummage sale because we use them like crazy and spending a crap ton of money on BONE CHINA just doesn’t jive with nuking last night’s leftovers.

Plenty of millennials seem to agree, and many of the excellent and valid points brought up on Twitter will make you LOL.

“Forks stolen from a hot dog cart.” DYING.

But seriously, are the “good” silverware and the “good” plates for formal dining room settings only? Because LOL many of us don’t have those either. If I ever move to a house large enough to have a formal dining room, the chandelier will be the first thing to go and I will throw some IKEA storage cubes in there so fast you wouldn’t ever know it wasn’t always a catch-all playroom.

See? Luxuries, shmuxuries. We really aren’t the most entitled generation, if you think about it.

Yes. This. So much this. My childhood best friend had one of these formal living rooms, complete with plastic-covered furniture no one could sit on. No joke, I was probably at her house six days per week in the summertime — sleepovers and all — and I can count on exactly two fingers how many times we were allowed in that weird, pointless room.

This HAS to be a thing because I used to have neighbors who did this. There was the “everyday” car and then the “constantly garaged car for nicer outings.” The kicker? NEITHER OF THE CARS WAS THAT NICE. But owning two cars (one of them just for kicks, no less) is not something any regular adult in this current generation can relate to.

Fair enough, this is a good point — but to us, owning a home is a luxury. Boomers were somehow able to own a home on a single income and live comfortably that way. The only people I know who are able to buy homes before the age of 30 are people whose boomer parents help them financially! Funny how that works, huh?

Sure, maybe we’ve got avocado toast and endless gadgets. But boomers had financial stability and fancy living rooms with Drexel credenzas and Waterford Crystal candy dishes. We buy towels you can actually use from Target and furniture that has a maximum amount of sits from IKEA — not exactly “luxury,” but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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